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Letters, Numbers, Colors

Your child will learn the wonders of colors, numbers and letters and apply their newfound knowledge in fun and engaging ways.

Kids Painting
Child Doing Art Activity

Fine Motor Skills

Activities ranging from weekly gym lessons at the San Carlos Recreation Center, to child yoga and some spontaneous fun at the many parks in the bay area, or in my backyard, will let your child test and grow his or her physical abilities.

Language Skills

Circle and story time, words of the day, and more, will expand your child's imagination and her or his ability to learn and use new words and ideas.

Kids in Preschool
Drawing & Coloring

Auditory & Visual Skills

Busy little hands create wondrous craft! Art, building and sensory activities will help your child explore new shapes and textures, and apply their creativity.

Field Trips

Your child will go on field trips once or twice a week, and visit all the wonderful childrens' museums, discovery parks, theme parks and animal farms in the bay area. There is never a dull moment!

Kids Drawing
Curriculum: Service
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