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I began caring for children in 1997. At that time I was in the process of obtaining a degree in Early Childhood Education; my goal was to become a Preschool Director. Through my education and research I discovered that the benefit of a loving, secure home environment is optimal for a child's early learning development. A child's identity is formed during the first three years of life. This is when their brain gets "wired". What an important time! That is why I believe in respectful, responsive care that is relationship based. It is when children feel secure and comfortable, which happens in small groups with the same caregivers, that their self-esteem develops. Now they have the foundation for learning. Current brain research shows that when a child is under stress there is reduced brain activity. The neurochemical, which is a steroid hormone called cortisol, that is released in the brain, reduces the number of synapses in certain parts of the brain. Synapses are the connections that form in the brain when the neurons are firing. When the neurons are firing the brain is growing. This happens when the child is learning. In other words they need to make that attachment to the same caregiver in a small environment for optimal early learning development. For this reason I chose to educate children in my home instead of an institutional setting. 

My goal is to provide high quality group care in a non-institutional environment. Quality group care that caters successfully to meet the needs of the young child is relationship based. This care consists of primary care, small groups, continuity, individualized care and cultural responsiveness. This is crucial to a child's early learning development. Our goal is to form close personal relationships with your child and to develop a love of learning. Through these relationships they will achieve a strong foundation for success in Kindergarten. 

In order for me to provide the best care and keep up to date in the early education field, I found it crucial to attend seminars, conferences, and workshops. I feel that continuing my education benefits the children in my care. 

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